Personal preparation

In the stores of Star Fitness we make personal preparations, facing all types of customers. Both Joanna and Mario will help you find the way to get to have a physique as you always wanted.

The follow-ups are based on a physical study, where you will take the bodily measures to assess what type of training and diet you will have to follow, always in a personal way.

Once determined the physical state in which you are, they will advise you on the nutritional plan that you will have to carry.

The end of the preparation will be based on the creation of an exercise table, where you can see through drawings, the exercises that you recommend, always based on your training level and according to the morphology of each client. This whole training plan will help you move forward much faster.

The experience of these athletes, will make you reach your goal in a shorter time and learning advanced training methods, and most importantly, knowing how to feed in a correct way.

To contact them, you just have to call the phone that appears at the bottom of the page, or send us an email.

Personal preparation via Internet

Nowadays it is possible to make personal preparations via internet.

That's why Star Fitness stores have opened this option, now you can contact them via email.

Wherever you are, you can let yourself be advised by these two athletes and follow their instructions, surely the results will arrive quickly.

About us

Star Fitness was born in January 2008 with the aim of advising and promulgating health through nutrition and sports. It is a store where you can learn to eat healthy and learn different forms of training, according to each athlete.

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Our stores

StarFitness Rubí: Avda. de l'Estatut, 85-89 - 08191, Rubí (Barcelona)
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StarFitness Barcelona: C/ Camil Fabra, 5 08030 (Barcelona)
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